Superior Singing Method Review-Does It Really Work?


Hi Mate,
Thank you for dropping by to read my review of the superior singing method.


I believe there is only one reason you are searching for the superior singing method product: You want to be a better singer and improve your vocals”.


Am I correct?


If yes,then you should read this page carefully because I am about to tell you everything to expect in the SSM product. This review will be unbiased. so I will state the good,bad and ugly side of this product.


That said,and without wasting much of your time,lets get right into it!



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Who created the Superior singing method?


The SSM as it is called for short was created by Aaron Anastasi who is a Professional Singer with sold out concerts to show for it. He compiled his years of singing experiences into several HD videos,tips,manuals and that is what is known as The superior singing method program.


Aaron has worked with many Grammy award winning producers and that makes him the most qualified music coach you need!. He is a seasoned professional singer and voice coach.


What is inside the superior singing method?


The superior singing method contains 49 instructional videos, 31audio exercises and 4 bonus courses on performing,marketing and some advanced techniques.


Like i said earlier,the SSM is not only a course for beginners or newbies,neither is it a course that doesnt go into details, the SSM covers every aspect and angle about singing. from singing power to tone,pitch,stage performance,marketing your music and many more.


The lessons are broken into 7 modules:

Warm up exercises
Breath management
Vocal tone
Power and resonance
Singing higher notes

Vocal agility


Its like having a coach walk you through,the only difference is now you get to save more money!


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What makes the SSM unique?

Before we go into specific details of what makes this product stands out,I will like to make it clear that one special reason I love this program is because it address all three groups of singers:


3.Advance or professional level


In other words, it doesn’t matter what stage you are right now in your singing career,the SSM is a great program you should have! And yes, it comes with a money back guarantee.So if after 30 days of trying this program you are not pleased,you can simply ask for your money back.


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What I love about the SSM program?

Imagine for a moment that you could afford a Grammy award winning producer to coach you on the skills and tools of becoming an exceptional signer while having better vocals. How cool will that be? super cool,I suppose?


Well, that is the aim of the superior singing method. Using the product Is like having top producers and singers coach you right from the comfort of your home or office.


Without leaving your comfort zone, you will be handed the exact tools and lessons that has made some of the great singers and vocalists that you know about.


The beauty of this program is that you get to practice anytime you want and anywhere you are. And you can go back again and again till you perfect your lines and lessons.


I will choose the SSM over coaches. The reason is because you can’t have access to your coach anytime you want!.


The SSM is a digital coach!. You have 24hrs access to it and go back again and again till YOU become better at the lessons and if you have any question,you can also send the creator of the program,Aaron Anatasi, a mail and you will get a swift response. Most times within a day!


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  • It can be used both by adults and kids over 10 years old
  • It is digital and can be accessed from anywhere
  • It has different voice/singing exercises for males and females
  • It covers for beginners,intermediate and professionals
  • You can take (3) easy payments of $39.00 or (1) payment of $97.00 and save yourself $20.00.
  • You have access to 50 videos and 31 audio materials that are guaranteed to improve your singing
  • Excellent customer support
  • 30 Days money back guarantee



  • It takes a lot of patience and time. nothing is magic. so you have to be willing to go through the videos and audio training over and over again


Verdict/ Final thoughts

Learning to sing is like learning to drive or mastering any skill for that matter. It takes time and patience. If you are ready to put in this two traits,then it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner,intermediate or professional singer; the superior singing method will make you a better singer and vocalists.


Whats more? It comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.So if you are not pleased, you can ask for your money back. 100% risk free!. One thing I know for sure is that the superior singing method will definitely improve your singing.


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The Salehoo Program Review-The Best DropShipping Directory?

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Have you heard about salehoo?. Well,I guess you have,If not you won’t be on this blog wanting to know my review about it.


You are here now and I am going to give you my unbiased review about the salehoo program. The good,bad and down side of it. Without wasting much time, lets right into it.


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My experience with salehoo directory

I have been in the drop-shipping business for more than 5 years,so I can say I probably have faced the same challenges you are currently facing.One of the major problem with retailers like you and I is where to find products from genuine sellers that we can buy cheap from ,and sell high.


That is what the whole idea is about. Buy, low, Sell high


But where do you find this genuine,verified sellers that you can buy from and easily resell at a higher amount?

This is where the salehoo program comes in.


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It is a drop ship directory company that contains over 8,000 verified buyers across several platform! from more than 100 countries. All you have to do it to discuss with the buyer and have no fear whatsoever.


This doesn’t include the other features in the salehoo members area which we will talk about shortly.


I also must commend their customer support,it is exceptional. No wonder the better business bureau  gave them an A+ rating in outstanding customer support.

How salehoo make my ecommerce business easy to manage


Salehoo not only saved me time,it also saved me money.


I find a product I want to sell,i list on my own ecommerce site, a customer places an order,i in turn orders through one of the numberous dropshippers on salehoo, they ship the item straight to the customer.

No wasted trips going to the post office or worrying if customers will receive their products.This is 100% taken care of by the drop shipper.


6 Exceptional things you should know about the salehoo

1.They dont sell their own product. Many people think they sell products, they don’t. they are only a directory of people who sell the products. In other words, using salehoo will save you time. it will take you access to thousands of buyers instantly. Whenever you decide you want to sell a product,you don’t need to start looking for a buyer that sells at wholesale price.


Just login into your salehoo members area and you search for the category you want and you will hundreds of ready Wholesalers.


2.They have a wide range of suppliers. from mp3 to shoes to accessories. And their products are reasonably cheap

3.They have an excellent customer service. This was the first thing i looked for. How fast do they respond to mails and how much help do they try to offer?. I give the salehoo customer team 95%. All my mails got a feedback within 24hrs.

That’s not all,they also have a forum with hundreds of other members like you that are ready to help incase you have any urgent need or issue.

4.They have a free learning center: where they cover topics about:

Drop shipping, how to know what items to sell, the best way to price your products and many more. This alone is worth the salehoo membership fee.It is loaded with so much information’s and gems,if it was sold as a different product,i would have gladly bought it.


5.Access to suppliers are instant!. No waiting whatsoever. Join right now and have access to over 8000 buyers waiting to sell items to you at ridiculous prices.


6.They have top brands as products. This is lacking in other wholesale directories that I have tried in the past. In the Salehoo members area you will also find brand products such as Disney,Victoria secret,Sony,apple and many more.



  • It is a great time saver
  • Hundreds of suppliers at the click of a button
  • It is reasonably cheap. one time payment of $67
  • Great customer support



  • It makes it hard to create your own brand


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Recently, salehoo did something that i really loved:they improved their service. Updated their interface. Which makes it easier to navigate around and get what you want faster. They also have a section for top and trending suppliers which gets updated every week!


The most unique thing about salehoo compared to other wholesale directory is that it doesn’t sell products to you!. Rather it acts as an intermediary, Linking you to thousands of sellers. 8,000 sells from over 100 countries selling a total of 11million products and counting, you will definitely find what you need.


Then it has a resource centre that gives you tools and extra knowledge that will show you how to turn each product you buy into a profit. One of them is the market research lab: This gives you access to a weekly updated product list from a staff of salehoo that contains recommended products that are selling very well right now. You get this list every week. Priceless!


Which means even if you dont know what to sell,salehoo got you covered.


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Final Thoughts

Salehoo is a great platform, I must say, especially for beginners who don’t have contacts with trusted buyers!.

It will also saves you a lot of time. How do you know the buyer on Alibaba isn’t fraudulent? This has been the case with lots of people But with the salehoo program you don’t have to worry about such.


They have an unending list of suppliers, once you have an item in mind to market,be sure there is someone the directory who has it ready to sell. and at cheap price too.


Furthermore,it comes with 60 days money back guarantee.  Try it out for 8 weeks and if you are not pleased,ask for your money back!. That means the salehoo directory is risk free.! nothing to lose.

It has helped me link up with great buyers i will never have found on my own and for that i highly recommend it.


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