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My Honest Review On The Auto Lotto Processor Program

auto lotto processor review

Before going ahead to splash the cash on any product or service, it is very important to know all about it first,  and after that, you decide if it is something worth paying for or not. You can read about a certain product by taking out time to study it carefully or read any of the honest reviews on the internet. This is why, in this article, I will be taking out time to discuss extensively on the Auto Lotto Processor.

This is my Auto Lotto Processor review and I am sure when you are done reading it, you would have all the information you need and you would be able to decide easily if the Auto Lotto Processor is worth your money.

My Honest Auto Lotto Processor Review


What Is The Auto Lotto Processor?

Auto Lotto Processor ( is a lottery number picking formula that was developed to pick out lucky lotto numbers that stand a better chance of winning than just any random number.

It is a software program that helps you predict winning lotto numbers and has the ability to do statistical analysis, probabilities and even calculations on your behalf while also taking part in the lottery game.

The Auto Lotto Processor is popular known among lotto players.


Who Is the Brain Behind the Auto Lotto Processor?

Richard Lustig (pictured) is the brain behind this software program and the story goes that he has indeed won 7 lottery jackpots. I couldn’t believe the story at first, so I “Googled up” his name and read about it on Wikipedia.

In my findings about him, I discovered that he is credited with winning 7 major state sponsored lottery in the USA between 1993 and 2010.

Since he’s won 7 major lottery prizes, he obviously should have some understanding on how to win lottery prizes and I guess that is what made him come up with the Auto Lotto Processor. If something works so well for you and makes you enough money, why not monetize it right? Well, that is what he has done with this software as he wants to show you and others how to stand a very good chance of winning lottery prizes just like him.


A Look at Richard Lustig’s Past Product

The Auto Lotto Processor is not Richard’s first on the market, as a matter of fact, he has two of them; one is a book titled “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”, while the other is a program called Lottery Winner University.

The Lottery Winner University program is very similar to this one – the only difference being just the name change and one or two tweaks here and there. A lot of people argue that the Auto Lotto Processor is just a continuation of the Lottery Winner University which he had to shift his attention from as a result of the negative reviews it was getting. While that is being debated, I have nothing to say about it.


My Verdict on Richard Lustig

With all of Richard’s developments and programs, it is a bit difficult not to take him seriously. You can’t win 7 major lotto grand prizes with just luck. I’d understand if he had only won two grand prizes and his luck would have run out in the other five, but going ahead to win a total of seven shows he has the wisdom for winning lotto prizes so should be taken for granted.

Richard Lustig is a force to reckon with when it comes to winning lottery grand prizes and the wisdom and programs he develops should be received with enthusiasm.

How Does Auto Lotto Processor Work?

The Auto Lotto Processor gathers data from lotteries across the globe, by doing so, you can use it to predict the winning numbers for your favorite lottery in your country, or your preferred country where you want to play the lottery and are eligible to do so.

This software program uses special algorithms and they determine which numbers are due to come up based on the law of probability.

The Auto Lotto Processor comes with some training that you can go through so you can fully understand how to use it to your advantage.

Does the Auto Lotto Processor Actually Work?

Just like it is with other prediction software, your chances of winning are increased, however, it is not 100% guaranteed.  A lot of mathematical experts will have a lot to say about this as some will tell you that the drawn numbers are totally random, which means that nothing can help you narrow your odds except for buying heaps of tickets  in the draw with different combinations.

Some other mathematical experts will advise you to log the progress of previous draws and use the laws of probability to your advantage. When that happens, which line of thought would you believe?

It may be possible to use this software and win big all at once or you can win smaller prizes more regularly, but you won’t know if you do not try it.

If it worked for Richard Lustig, then it can work for you also.


What I Like About the Auto Lotto Processor

This software program has received some negative reviews and I understand people have different views about something. However, after taking time out to study this program, I have been impressed with the following:

  • You don’t need to be a math expert to use this software
  • It helps to improve your chances of winning big to some degree
  • With it, you can get to win smaller divisions easily and more regularly
  • There is an income proof that is backed up by Wikipedia; unlike some other programs out there that do not give any proof whatsoever.
  • The program developer Richard Lustig has actually won big and this should motivate others to give it a try


What I Am Not Too Impressed With

  • It’s been over a while now since Richard’s last big win – the last was far back 2010.
  • It is extremely difficult to predict all winning lotto numbers for a major jackpot.


How Much Does The Auto Lotto Processor Cost?

For a program that can make you a millionaire overnight, a one off fee of $127 is actually worth it.

What if you don’t get to become a millionaire you asked? Well, you can get to win smaller prizes regularly. The accumulation of those smaller prizes will eventually surpass the $127 fee you paid for it.


Is The Auto Lotto Processor A Scam?

Having taken my time to research and study this program, I still can’t see reasons why people call it a scam.  Richard Lustig obviously believes wholeheartedly in it and it has some actual proof.

If you don’t get to win the biggest lotto prize money, then you stand the chance of winning regular smaller prizes. How else could this be a scam?

One of the reasons why people refer to something as a scam is because they do not get to win from it and that could be as a result of not committing themselves to studying about the product after purchasing it – this really is the reason.

I recommend you get this Auto Lotto Processor for yourself today, study the training module until you are conversant with the program and give it a try for at least few months to really test it over a series of lotto draws.


While you get ready to win your first lottery prize money, it is important to know how to carry yourself and what to do. Continue reading to find out…

If you win the biggest lottery prize money, then the whole world may know you are lush with money and might want to take advantage of you. Here are 6 things you should do.


6 Things To Do When You Win the Lottery

Image result for 6 things to do when you win the lottery

  1. Remain Anonymous (If your state rules permit it)

The spotlight that comes on you when people hear that you just won the biggest lottery prize money is one that can be overwhelming, if you feel you can handle it, then go with the flow and enjoy all the attention. However, if you know it is something you cannot handle, I advise you remain anonymous.

Very few people knew you before you won the biggest lottery prize money, so it won’t necessarily matter who knows you now.

Furthermore, once news spread that you are flush with money, you’ll likely get badgered by requests for handouts from charities and even long-lost friends and relatives. As if that’s not enough, you will start receiving the so-called “financial experts” call to help you “manage your money”.  To avoid all these, check your state rules to find out if you can remain under the spotlight as it could really help you.

  1. Visit a Tax Professional Before You Cash Out the Money

This is one area where you need to apply wisdom. Remember, in the world today, the rich and wealthy are taxed higher than the poor and since you just won the biggest prize money in lottery, you are now regarded as the rich/wealthy! Congratulations on your new status… However, it comes with a price.

You can decide to cash in all the money at once and immediately pay tax on the entire amount or spread out the money in 30 installments over 29 years in the form of an annuity.

With an annuity, you are taxed only as you receive the payment which is a more suitable option for you.  If you have a bad spending habit, then I advise you stick with the annuity plan other than receiving the money all at once.

It is wise not to make a decision yet until you seek the advice of a tax professional.

  1. Don’t Make Sudden Lifestyle Changes

You are now flush with cash, it is normal to feel a certain way about yourself and that can let you make drastic lifestyle changes. However, try not to. Don’t quit your job in a hurry, and don’t splash out a heavy amount of cash on a house in Europe.

One of the reasons why many wealthy people employ the services of a financial advisor is because they don’t want to end up regretting what they did what their money. If you feel you need the services of one, you can ask around and get a professional for yourself.

  1. Pay Off all Debts

This is probably one of the very best financial advice anyone can give you.

One of the reasons why you probably went into debt is because you did not the necessary finances needed so you had to borrow to make up for it right? Well, now that you are flush with cash, it is the right time to pay them off.

Pay off the mortgage or clear off the credit card debt and start living debt free. Oh, nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you are nothing owing anyone! You can start planning how to invest your money wisely.

  1. Get Yourself a team of Legal and Financial Advisers

One of the problems wealthy people face is that they get to be the targets of scams. People know you are now with money, millions to be precise and since you may not give it out to them, they try to con you off of it.

With being wealthy, you don’t know who’s trying to help you and who’s trying to use you. It is wise to always handpick your own lawyer, accountant and investment adviser rather than signing on a group put together by someone else.

Before picking your team, carefully vet each adviser before revealing your financial situation. This is very important.

  1. Invest with Wisdom

Your financial knowledge matters a lot and the investments you make could also make your more wealthy or broke.

I heard of a man who got extremely rich from gambling and was living the life of royals. Few years later, he was totally broke and was living from hand to mouth. II later learnt he had made some terrible investments and pumped in lots of cash into it, but it crashed.

You do not want the story above to be yours do you? Well, learn to put your money in safe, short term investments and do not touch it for the first six months. Ask your financial advisers to guide you as you make smart investments.


Final Words

With all the information shared in this article – first, about the Auto Lotto Processor review and then the 6 things to do when you win the lottery, I am sure you will not have a difficult time putting the software to work and if you eventually win big, you would be able to manage your money with wisdom.

I would like to know what you think. Feel free to drop your comments below.

Penis Enlargement Bible Review – How ‘Big’ Can You Get?

Image result for penis enlargement bible review


It is important for a man to have a big penis; both in length and girth. The importance cannot be over emphasized as it would help solve a lot of marital/relationship issues being faced by most men. To be able to give your partner deep lasting orgasms, then you have to be well endowed down there. It is very important.

If you are a man looking to increase the size of your penis or you are a woman who is not motivated to have sex with your partner because of the small size of his penis, then you are very lucky as in this article, I will be talking about one major program that has helped a lot of men increase the size of their penis – both in length and girth and also saved their relationships in the process. Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the Penis Enlargement Bible.

This is my honest and unbiased review of the Penis Enlargement Bible. I have always had a big penis right from my teenage years so I have never really seen the need to look for a way to increase its size. However, I know a friend who was able to get a bigger penis just by following the information he got from the Penis Enlargement Bible.

I encourage you to read this article to the very end if you would like to increase the size of your penis and also learn how you can always give your woman mind-blowing orgasms. You can thank me later.


My Unbiased Penis Enlargement Bible Review


What is the Penis Enlargement Bible?

Penis Enlargement BibleThe Penis Enlargement Bible or P.E Bible has deemed the “holy grail of penis growth” by many so called experts because it is a PDF that contains a step-by-step guide to getting a bigger penis at the comfort of your home.

The PE Bible is a 94-pages long e-book that offers you a huge amount of information on how to improve your overall penis health, cure premature ejaculation and also increase the length and girth of your penis.

The Penis Enlargement bible focuses on two important aspects of penis growth – Mechanical and Biochemical and I have no doubts you will learn a lot from following the information found in the e-book.

This book contains an all natural method to increasing the size of a man’s penis and you won’t need to worry about taking pills or undergoing surgery. Today, it is considered as one of the most popular penis enlargement guides in the world and if you are a man looking to boost your self confidence and improve your performance in bed, then this program is just what you need.


Who Created The Penis Enlargement Bible?

John Collins is the brain behind the creation of the PE bible.Image result for john collins pe bible

He is a professional researcher, sex educator and author and he has dedicated his years into looking for natural ways to boost the sexual performance of a man and also increase the size of his penis.

The information contained in the PE Bible wasn’t gotten overnight. Instead is a series of countless research and deep study. Little wonder, why it is producing brilliant results.


A Look inside the Penis Enlargement Bible Program

I won’t be able to reveal all that is inside the Penis Enlargement bible in this review, you’d need to buy the program to know more but I will do my best to give you a brief look into what you expect.



The Focus in this Chapter is on Penis Girth, Penis Length, Stamina and Upright Erection

Here, all the concepts for penis enlargement is revealed to you like how to increase blood flow to your organ, the essential nutrients necessary for penile growth and how to increase one of the most important biochemical DHT and how it affects your overall penile growth.

On the area of DHT production increase, you will be taught how DHT is a precursor of testosterone, and without it, your penis growth won’t take place.

The general aim here is to show you how to increase your DHT production to cause penis growth. You also will learn how to naturally increase its level without taking any harmful or expensive supplements.



Kick off Penis Growth

The Focus here is to show you some of the Nutrients and Biochemicals for Penis Growth

In our body, we have biochemical or natural chemical balance which triggers penis growth. You will learn some penis growth exercises like Jelqing which helps to facilitate the biochemical transfer to your penile tissues.

Also, in this chapter, some important supplements necessary for improved penis growth will be revealed and the good part of this is that you won’t need to work out.

In the concluding part of this chapter, you will be shown some massaging techniques for the penis as it is essential for penis growth and blood flow. All it takes is 5-10 minutes daily and you are well on your way to having an increased penis size.


Image result for inside the penis enlargement bible



How to end Premature Ejaculation

This chapter is an eye opener to a lot of men and that is because it deals with some common causes of premature ejaculation. Some unheard of causes were discussed and John Collins also proffered solutions to it.



How to Increase Your Ejaculate Volume

This is perhaps one of the shortest chapter in the Penis Enlargement bible guide. It deals with substances necessary for Related imageincreasing the volume of your ejaculate.

John said that a normal man’s ejaculate volume should be about 3 tablespoon and he explained how you can start blowing big loads.



Focus On Chinese Herbs

In this chapter, you will discover 30 different Chinese herbs and substances necessary for a successful penis enlargement routine. John Collins takes time out in this chapter to describe each substance, explain its effects on your body and why you should take them.

Ask anyone who has bought the Penis Enlargement bible program and they will tell you that this chapter is packed out with tons of valuable information.



The Focus is on Western Supplements

Here, you are given a detailed analysis of seven western supplements. These supplements include several essential amino acids. You also get to know about some of their side effects.

Some of the supplements mentioned in this chapter are available throughout the world.


What Other Area Does the Penis Enlargement Bible Focus On?

Apart from just giving you all the information you need on how to increase the size of your penis, John Collins also thought it wise to talk about a major issue currently troubling man – Premature Ejaculation.

John took out time in the Penis Enlargement Bible guide to explain in details some of the common causes of Premature Ejaculation and how you can put a stop to it naturally.

The PE Bible is a must read for every man.


Benefits of the Penis Enlargement Bible

  • You get to not only increase the overall size of your penis, but also improve your sexual performance and the quality of your erections.
  • Once you get your desired penis size, you won’t need to worry about it shrinking back to its previous size.
  • It contains an all natural approach and you won’t need to undergo surgery or take any harmful substance.
  • Once you make payment for the book, it gets delivered to you almost immediately via email.
  • Your overall sexual confidence will improve and you will become that man who has a big penis.



  • You get to use tested and proven ancient supplements
  • The techniques and stretching exercises are well explained and very easy to follow.
  • Your sexual performance increases to the highest.
  • It comes with 60-days money back guarantee
  • It is a long lasting product that has proven to work magic; it has also been in the market for 6 straight years now.
  • All knowledge shared here is backed by scientific reasons.
  • It comes with a reliable customer service support that actually replies your mails faster.
  • It is easily accessible as it comes in a PDF format.
  • The Penis Enlargement Bible ingredients are safe and natural.



  • It will take some time before you start seeing results
  • You need to stick with the exercises if you are get reasonable results


Does the Information contained inside the PE Bible Really Work?

Everything depends on you.

At the beginning of this article, I told you a friend of mine was able to increase the size of his penis by following the information contained in the guide right? Well, that can also be your story if you just commit yourself to seeing it to the end.

The Penis Enlargement Bible has been in the online market for years now and it has been one of the best selling Clickbank products till date – I don’t think a fake or useless product would be able to stand the test of time like this.


Is the PE Bible A Scam?

I don’t think so. The methods for penile enlargement shared in this guide are all natural and you won’t record any side effects from following it.

Secondly, it has helped a lot of men increase their size of their penis and also restored their sexual confidence back to them.

Follow all that is contained in the Penis Enlargement Bible and you can see the same results.


The Penis Enlargement Bible Bonuses

When you buy John Collins’ Penis Enlargement Bible guide, you get access to the following bonuses:

  • The Ultimate Penis Exercise Guide: this contains penis exercise routines, pictures and instructions.
  • The “What Not To Do” Better Sex Guide: This guide contains useful information on what to do and not to do when having sex with your woman. You want to learn how to arouse and please her better? Well, this guide is just what you need.


How Much Does the Penis Enlargement Bible Cost?

The Penis Enlargement bible is very affordable and you can get it for just $47 only.

It’s time to increase the size of your penis and pleasure your woman in bed.

Image result for inside the penis enlargement bible


My Final Verdict

I feel the Penis Enlargement Bible guide is what every man needs and that is why I took it upon myself to come up with my own PE Bible review.

As a man, you owe your woman a big penis and you should deliver on that. She deserves to experience some mind-blowing orgasms and one of the ways to achieve just that is by learning how to increase the size of your penis and that is what the Penis Enlargement Bible can do for you.

Here’s to increasing the size of your penis.