Superior Singing Method Review-Does It Really Work?


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I believe there is only one reason you are searching for the superior singing method product: You want to be a better singer and improve your vocals”.


Am I correct?


If yes,then you should read this page carefully because I am about to tell you everything to expect in the SSM product. This review will be unbiased. so I will state the good,bad and ugly side of this product.


That said,and without wasting much of your time,lets get right into it!



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Who created the Superior singing method?


The SSM as it is called for short was created by Aaron Anastasi who is a Professional Singer with sold out concerts to show for it. He compiled his years of singing experiences into several HD videos,tips,manuals and that is what is known as The superior singing method program.


Aaron has worked with many Grammy award winning producers and that makes him the most qualified music coach you need!. He is a seasoned professional singer and voice coach.


What is inside the superior singing method?


The superior singing method contains 49 instructional videos, 31audio exercises and 4 bonus courses on performing,marketing and some advanced techniques.


Like i said earlier,the SSM is not only a course for beginners or newbies,neither is it a course that doesnt go into details, the SSM covers every aspect and angle about singing. from singing power to tone,pitch,stage performance,marketing your music and many more.


The lessons are broken into 7 modules:

Warm up exercises
Breath management
Vocal tone
Power and resonance
Singing higher notes

Vocal agility


Its like having a coach walk you through,the only difference is now you get to save more money!


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What makes the SSM unique?

Before we go into specific details of what makes this product stands out,I will like to make it clear that one special reason I love this program is because it address all three groups of singers:


3.Advance or professional level


In other words, it doesn’t matter what stage you are right now in your singing career,the SSM is a great program you should have! And yes, it comes with a money back guarantee.So if after 30 days of trying this program you are not pleased,you can simply ask for your money back.


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What I love about the SSM program?

Imagine for a moment that you could afford a Grammy award winning producer to coach you on the skills and tools of becoming an exceptional signer while having better vocals. How cool will that be? super cool,I suppose?


Well, that is the aim of the superior singing method. Using the product Is like having top producers and singers coach you right from the comfort of your home or office.


Without leaving your comfort zone, you will be handed the exact tools and lessons that has made some of the great singers and vocalists that you know about.


The beauty of this program is that you get to practice anytime you want and anywhere you are. And you can go back again and again till you perfect your lines and lessons.


I will choose the SSM over coaches. The reason is because you can’t have access to your coach anytime you want!.


The SSM is a digital coach!. You have 24hrs access to it and go back again and again till YOU become better at the lessons and if you have any question,you can also send the creator of the program,Aaron Anatasi, a mail and you will get a swift response. Most times within a day!


Click Here To Visit The Official Superior Singing Method Website



  • It can be used both by adults and kids over 10 years old
  • It is digital and can be accessed from anywhere
  • It has different voice/singing exercises for males and females
  • It covers for beginners,intermediate and professionals
  • You can take (3) easy payments of $39.00 or (1) payment of $97.00 and save yourself $20.00.
  • You have access to 50 videos and 31 audio materials that are guaranteed to improve your singing
  • Excellent customer support
  • 30 Days money back guarantee



  • It takes a lot of patience and time. nothing is magic. so you have to be willing to go through the videos and audio training over and over again


Verdict/ Final thoughts

Learning to sing is like learning to drive or mastering any skill for that matter. It takes time and patience. If you are ready to put in this two traits,then it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner,intermediate or professional singer; the superior singing method will make you a better singer and vocalists.


Whats more? It comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.So if you are not pleased, you can ask for your money back. 100% risk free!. One thing I know for sure is that the superior singing method will definitely improve your singing.


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