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Dick thompson thumb wrestling

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He lost to Itsy Bitsy in Season 1 and lost to The Big Time in Season 3 (he only retaliated in his 1st match). Tom Cat [ edit ] Tom Cat is a cat Dextera whose signature moves are the Hairball (spits out a huge hairball) and the Kitty Litter Boxer (dumps a lot of kitty litter on his opponent). Name:Dick Thompson Job: Announcer Friend:Colonel Cossack Dick Thompson. Dick Thompson is one of the two commentators. He is really calm, unlike Colonel Cossack. Colonel Cossack revealed in Wasabi vs Billy Batboy that Dick is married because he has a mother-in-law. Dick Thompson doesn't seem to care much about Colonel Cossack's crazy activites. Except in Wasabi vs.

Dick thompson thumb wrestling
Dick thompson thumb wrestling
Dick thompson thumb wrestling

Dick thompson thumb wrestling following are characters from the television show Thumb Wrestling Federation. Originally a rebellious wrestler from a bad environment, Vini was once part of a rowdy gang that oppresses dick thompson thumb wrestling inferior in their vicinity. Upon entering a gym, Vini rejuvenated himself and became devoted in protecting defenceless individuals. He then founded the Mighty Dexteras and became its leader. He's signature move is the Vini Vidi Vada Voom. With it, he strikes the opponent left and right three times before pinning them. He was active in the first and second season but didn't participate in the third.
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Dick thompson thumb wrestling
Dick thompson thumb wrestling
Dick thompson thumb wrestling

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