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Constant burning pain in penis

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Its been a month since my encounter, I still have burning while urination and constant burning in my penis; Sometimes I feel discomfort/pain in my scrotum and little itchiness in my genital area. I did not see any bumps, lesions, sores in my genital area till now. Other investigations done were: urologist looked at penis and said nothing wrong visably dermotologist visual test and saw nothing wrong, looked at it for 60 seconds. there is no visible symptoms to them, yet they have no explanation for the burning pain Blood glucose test for diabetes negative. From that day onwards, I could feel burning sensation on that area (able to feel at the left side glans of penis) at all the times. Now it is day 3 and still feeling the same. In related to that feeling pain in left pelvic and left lower abdominal area.

Constant burning pain in penis
Constant burning pain in penis
Constant burning pain in penis

Ask a Question Login Sign Up. Mild burning at the tip of penis. New Member 4 years on site 2 posts. About 6 months back i suffered some burning urination, penis paintesticular pain. Went to the gp he advised to check for constant burning pain in penis stones to my dismay there was no kidney stone but only gallstone. He gave me some tablets for about a week. At that time my testis and penis pain were disappeared bur burning urination continued.
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Constant burning pain in penis

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